Silence HP Hair Dryer

Silence HP Hair Dryer
My clients love the lack of noise when I style their hair and I enjoy being able to carry on a conversation in a normal tone of voice as I do so. My Silence HP is the best dryer I’ve ever owned and i did my first haircut in 1968. Lee Goodnight

The last blow dryer you will ever buy! This is the quietest blow dryer that I have used in all of my 41 years of doing hair! ! ! Debi Gould

This is the very best appliance I have ever used. Ted Halone

I just can’t say enough of the quality of these dryers. I’ve had mine for over 10 years and have had it refurbished twice, just sending the second refurbishment this weekend. It has paid for itself over and over again. Spend the money and get one, it will be the last dryer you will want or need!! David Seay

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How Quiet is the Silence HP? How many decibels (dB) does it produce?
The Silence HP is quiet enough for two people in the same room to hold a conversation without raising their voice.  It produces approximately 65 dB, well under 80dB which experts say will cause hearing damage.
Q: Where is the Silence HP made?
The Silence HP is built in Phoenix, AZ, USA.  We source as many parts as possible from US manufacturers.
Q: Why is the Silence HP more quiet than other hair dryers?
We use a brushless motor to spin a turbine instead of a loud blower motor.  The only noise you will hear from the Silence HP is the movement of air.  Our motor does not make any noise.
Q: Why is the Silence HP better for my hair, my health and the environment?
  1. A mega watt turbo dryer may seem more powerful and better, but this is one of those cases where more power is not necessarily better.  You don’t bring a tank on a rabbit hunting trip.  The Silence HP gently drys your hair completely.  Where other hair dryers dry the outside layer, leaving the inside still damp.  This causes styling breakdown and frizziness.
  2. A regular motor has little magnets called brushes that cause the motor to spin.  Over time these brushes wear down.  As they wear down tiny particles of the brushes are ejected in the air stream and you may breathe in these particles.
  3. Independent testing shows that the Silence HP has a very low EMF (Electro Magnetic Feild). There is no detectable VLF 6″ from the nozzle.
  4. All Silence HP dryers are built in a facility that uses only solar, wind and geothermal energy.  The Silence HP uses 75% less energy to operate than the average 2200 watt turbo dryer.  Being built in the US, there is much less of a carbon footprint because they don’t need to be shipped half way around the world.  The entire Silence HP and packaging is recyclable.  Because of our repair service, the Silence HP should be the only hair dryer you ever need to buy.
Q: Ionic, Ceramic, Turbo, Tourmaline. What does it all mean?
Seriously, not much.  A hair dryer should dry your hair and not damage it.  That is what the Silence HP does.  It does it efficiently and quietly.